I have had MS for 28 years. Until my last exacerbation 2 months ago I was very independent. now with this new symptom Clonus I am in a wheel chair. I have basically charted my own PT and OT recently because I will get better. Common sense tells me massage and heat will help my confused muscles/tendons remain supple. I am currently wearing a knee imobilizer,because I demanded it, to keep my knee and leg straight. I place a rolled up blanket between my legs at night to keep the normal posture of my hips and legs and not become the clonus constrictive that my legs now bend in. PT calls it a windsweep posture. Sounds like a perfume.

I would like to know what therapies are being used or have been used to overcome this disease and/or at least gain back or prevent further damage. I am also interested in peoples experience with clonus and what helped them.