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I am a 26-year-old male, I used to do a lot of exercise and consider myself pretty healthy up until this nightmare started.
About 12 months ago I injured my neck at the gym I was performing lateral pull downs and I felt a pinch in my neck. A few days later it got really stiff and incredibly painful, this pain lasted about a month. The pain then subsided apart from a little discomfort if I tilted my head towards my chest or backwards. I started going to the gym again, doing weights and it just seemed to be getting better and better.
Months later I began getting a loss of feeling in my fingertips and palms of both my hands so I saw a doctor who referred me to the hospital where they did an electronic impulse test, to see if I had carpel tunnel. From this I didn’t really get any answers and referred me to physiotherapy to see if my posture was causing the problem.
The appointment was taking forever to come through so I went to an osteopath. She did some manipulation to my spine as she said my vertebrae was twisted and she put it back in place. This seemed to help although there was still occasionally a slight loss of sensitivity in my hands.

A while after I started getting very stiff legs, wealkness,and regular cramp. This is particularly worse upon waking in the morning or being sat down for too long. I was also getting uncontrollable shaking in my legs which would last a several seconds or until I changed position. I noticed my balance was a bit off and when id been walking for a while id start to drag my foot a little and stumble. I was once able to run 4-5 miles regularly but now when I ran 100 yards down the road my legs couldn’t hold me, walking down steps was becoming very tiring.

I went back to the osteopath who did some manipulation this made the problem better but I still wasn’t completely right.
I went on holiday for 2 weeks, resting completely and then when I got back started doing weights again, unaware that this could potentially of caused my symptoms. My problems started getting worse and one morning I was walking and all of a sudden with only a minutes warning I crapped myself (for lack of a better word). It was absolutely horrible! No one had seen but I felt so ashamed. I put it down to something I had eaten but then it happened again a week later and again, this was happening more frequently. It was becoming so embarrassing I didn’t like going out of the house unless id tried to go to the toilet several times.
I saw the doctor again and he send me for an MRI scan and a colonscopy.At this stage I don’t think he had any idea what was wrong with me, and it was me that suggested an mri scan after reading up on my symptoms on the internet and worrying about having MS.
The results came back weeks later that I have a protruding disc in my neck causing significant pressure on my spinal cord.The neurologist said this is very serious because of the amount of protrusion, he said it could have paralysed me if it was any worse and I would need to get it surgically removed.

I am very glad they got to the bottom off it after four months of worry but the neurologist said he couldn’t guarantee my symptoms will get completely better. My legs are stronger now as I have been resting and not done any exercise apart from walking so presumably some of the inflammation has gone down. I am still suffering from occasional bowel incontinence, although I think it would be more frequent if I didn’t plan my trips out of the house at the right times when I knew my bowels would be completely empty. I also get a feeling of my stomach being stretched from the inside and very tight, and im even getting lower back discomfort now. I really cant wait for the operation and hope it comes soon as I really want to get back to living a normal life and get back to work :-(

Has anyone else had a similar condition?

If anyone is reading this who has had there disc removed, did your symptoms disappear completely after the surgery?




Hi Jon! As i was reading this I actually shouted at the screen when you mentioned going to get your neck and spine manipulated!!!! This is the WORST!! I knew right away what you had! I had/have it too! I herniated 2 discs C3 and C4, causing numbness in my 1st 3 fingers, and an electrical shock up and down my arm! I think what happened is that you started out with a herniated disc - thus the pain and numbness then the osteopath manipulated your spine and WHAM has made things FAR worse! My neurologist told me that if I had gone to a Chiropractor I could have actually ended up paralyzed!!! I do NOT believe in any neck, spine, skull manipulation! Our bodies ALL have curves or bends in our spines!

I feel so badly for you honey! The good thing is that there are great success stories of vertabraes being removed! BUT see if there is any other modifications that can be done first! Also know that the spine is a VERY tricky thing to mess with! So if there are other things they can do - physio, deep massage etc, this will be far better then them going in! There is also a treatment called Prolotherapy! This tightens the muscles and tendons around the spine! Check with your neurologist and see what he/she thinks! It has a VERY good outcome!

BIG HUGS to you Jon! And I wish you ALL the luck and health in the world! Please keep me updated on how you are doing OK?


hey bro
ialso hav a little bit same disease my legs finger dosent work properly and i feel difficuly in walking .I am not able to run . what to do with this disease
dont u hav any idea or treatment about it
if u know then reply me


Find out who is the TOP surgeon in this field. Hopefully your insurance will cover it. It's very tricky. When I was 16 I cracked my c3 and c4 by diving into the shallow end of the pool. The emergency room closest was an Osteopathic General Hospital. They had me lie flat on my back without a pillow for a month but it worked. No manipulation anywhere at all. I could not read my arms would fall asleep but i am fine now. That was long ago and surgery was not that great then, I agree with Bamb when you are in pain and have all these symptoms, manipulations is a bad idea. They at first thought I would be paralyzed so I was really really lucky.