I have had a very bad day with lower abdomen pain and gas so I googled these symptoms and read how so many believe this problem is attributed to simply going from warm to cold air. Not a single person mentioned MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) which I have had for about 14 years. MCS means that multiple organ systems in your body react to low level exposures to toxic chemicals (poisons) in our environment. Basically treatment is avoiding the triggers. You should read up on this chronic condition and it may provide you with answers for what is happening to you.

Last July we moved to an apartment in a triplex heated by forced air gas. It never occurred to me that this heating system was not good for people with MCS. With this heating system everyone shares the same air so you get to breathe other tenant's personal fragrances, cleaning products, airborne germs, etc. Without a proper air purifier constant stress from contaminated air worsens your condition. For example when my oven is on I get abdomen pain among other symptoms from the electromagnetic field. When outside air changes drastically and there is high wind heavy cloud cover, etc. I have a very bad day with terrible lower abdomen pain and lots of gas. The gas is my body trying to rid itself of the toxins and wherever you can find humid moist air like the shower or hopefully fresh air outside you will feel better. I hope this helps someone..