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Hello all...

Well I am first going to say that I am 15.
Well on Sunday me and my girlfriend were fooling around. It started out making out, than finguring, than ha****b.. and yeah.
We did this for a few minutes, until I ejactulated on her thigh. I don't think any semen got on/near her vagina since she was still wearing shorts.
So after that we stopped, and she went to wash her leg with water. This is what scares me though, I don't know if any of the water carried the semen near her vagina, and I know that they are pretty good swimmers.

This is the first time for me and her to have sexual, whatever you would like to call it.

I really don't think this would make her pregnant, but anything is possible. What does make me relived though is that on Tuesday she told me that it was her time of the month, however she did say it was a week late, so this is kind of making me question somethings even though I do know that if she is having her period, that it is pretty impossible that she is pregnant. But I am still really paranoid, and I never get a clear answer from researching and stuff, so I just really need to know to calm my mind. I know I shouldn't have been fooling around with her like that without protection or anything, but it was my first time, and her first time, and it kind of just happened. I'm just glad it did not go too far.

Also, another thing that I am kind of scared about is that, when I did ejaculate, I don't know if I got any semen on my hands, but say if I did, and washed my hands with just water, waited a couple hours, and fingured her again, would it be possible for her to get pregnant from that? I'm pretty sure it's impossible, but I'm just hella paranoid when it comes to this.



Hi guest,

I don't think she's pregnant.

Sperm can swim but they don't live long exposed to the air.  That applies to them landing on her thigh or you washing your hands.

The water was likely chlorinated as well.  Sperm wouldn't like that.

Besides, she is on her period.  If she was pregnant, she wouldn't have a normal period.  Also, chances of pregnancy, just before a women has her period are low.  The egg is not viable (able to be fertilized.)

So for lots of reasons, relax.  Please use protection and be more careful in the future.

Hope it helps.



Hey Dan

The water I know was not chlorinated.

Don't know why but I am still very paranoid about it. However my girlfriend really has not mentioned anything of it. I don't think she is as worried as I am and I feel really dumb for freaking out about this.

It really stresses me out.


Hey guest,

I said it was likely chlorinated since most public water systems are.  

It is unlikely she is pregnant.


Happy Fathers Day!


Sorry bro she preggers for sho