I am 36 weeks pegnant and my hand and arm are going numb! :'( It started a couple weeks ago just on my right side, I thought it was because my arm or hand was falling a sleep, but now I know that's not the case! Now it happens a lot and moved to my left side. Also, it alway happens at night and when I wake up and stays that way all morning and on and off through out the day! It can be painful and I have a hard time closing my hands this is also painful, this is getting worse everyday, I am going to the Doctors today at 1:30pm so hopefully he can tell me something, but I am sure he will say, I have to suffer till I give birth! I think it is the pressure of the baby, causing a pinch nerve! When I lie on my left side it goes away most the time, so if you have this and can lay down on you left side you should get some relief! If anybody know more about this please let me know!
Thanks, Doe