I recently started working on a remodel job with a company. We use a device called a scorpion that jacks up heavy objects to be moved easier. Since then, my right arm has been going numb when I am asleep and during activitie such as brushing my hair, teeth or even while driving. It starts at my shoulder all the way down to my fingers. There is a very strong dulling pain from my the elbow down to wrist on my inner forearm side. My left arm only goes numb from the elbow down with no pain. Both hands are swelling and when I try to close my hand into a fist it feels very tight. I unfortunately don't have insurance, therefore I cannot go to see a doctor, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I do take 2 Aleve 3 times a day to help me tolerate the pain. This has been going on for about 3weeks now. I cannot just stop what I am doing at work because it's part of my job description and I need the work. Thank you.