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I have always been a side sleeper, on both sides of my body. Lately, the past few months, every time a sleep on my side I get numb in my arms, hands, and fingers. But more recently I can't even lay on my side for more then a couple seconds without the pins and needles shooting through my arm down to my finger tips! What's wrong?? In the past year in a half I have gained a lot of weight, which I am now eating a healthy diet and exercising...could it be from this extreme weight gain? I've always been small and now I'm over weight, I know nothing about it other then I need to get back on, could it be the weight making this happen? Or something else I should see a doctor for. Please help, I haven't sleep well in months. And now that I can't lay on my sides at all, I really haven't slept in the last few days. I need my sleep!!


It could be that you are bending your wrists and not knowing it, or sleeping on top of your hands, cutting off the circulation either way. Do you notice a pain in your wrists? This would be carpal tunnel syndrome and can make you lose the feeling. What a lot of people do is bend their wrists while they are sleeping and lost the feeling in their hands. Try wearing a wrist brace to keep your wrist and hand straight at night and see if that helps.Also get your blood pressure and blood sugar checked regularly to keep a tab on your health condition.