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PAIN & BAD SWELLING OF MY ARMS & HANDS WHILE TRYING TO SLEEP.. AND I have the EXACTly the same thing going on, for quite a few years now off and on,about 6 yrs.. but the pain & swelling is getting worse then ever, i can't even pick my baby up. And it had moved into my left arm now,, so i wake up crying in pain with both hands & arms..swollen and tingleing they have the pins & needles like they r falling to the same time,so swollen i can't close my hands, they are numb but burning and hurting all at the same time.I have to sit up & hang my arms down beside the bed, just to get a bit of releafe. then when its real bad, i have to get up and walk around. hanging & shakeing my arms beside me.. ITS REAL BAD.. i can't even close them enough to take the cover off my babys bottle.. IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP ME FIGURE OUT WHATS WRONG WITH ME


Hello, necole... I am sorry to hear about your situation.  It sounds like swelling is causing the pain, possibly pinching nerves in your arms.  You haven't been to the doctor about this?  It could be a series of things.  Inflammation from carpal tunnel syndrome, gout, arthritis, or overuse of the extremities sounds like the most likelyespecially since it has been going on off & on for years.  Other things could be poor circulation or fat accumulation from Cushing's syndrome (but the acccumulation would be everywhere).  Have you tried anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen or naproxen?  You may also want to try cold compresses.  I would also recommend a visit to the doctor.  He/she would be able to make a better assessment to find out what it is.  Good luck!