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At our last pediatrician appointment I was told my baby girl Jenny seems to have one leg shorter than the other. It was a regular appointment since she’s now 7 months old and so far we are waiting for a x-ray to confirm this, but as the pediatrician told me, he suspects this might be caused by hip problem. The only noticeable difference I can see is that she has one extra crease on the back of her left leg, but there is nothing else different. Everything else is perfectly fine, but we did get a referral to see an orthopedic specialist. I know it’s hard to say without an x-ray how big the difference is, or at least until the specialist gives us his opinion, but since the pediatrician didn’t explain what effect might this difference have on Jenny’s walking, I’d be very grateful for any advice as to what could consequences be?


Hi, Jennysmom.  Are you considering to allow surgery if the orthopedic surgeon recommends it?  If it is found to be a small deviation from the other leg, will you have it corrected or wait on it?  If there isn't much of a difference, Jenny will still walk and compensate for the shortened leg.  She may just walk with a bit of a limp since there is a gap in length between the two legs.  It would just depend on whether you want to put her through a surgical procedure and allow her to walk with a little limp.  What do you think you will do?