I'm a 59 year old male,I had Polio when I was 9 mounths old. I'm dependent on my left leg because my right leg has very little strength and much smaller. On December 22nd 2013,I went in for my hip replacement surgery. While waiting to go in for surgery my doctor stop in I told the doctor I had one concern,I ask him, because I have a limp is having  this implant put in will it cause me to have a bigger limp then I already have. He proceded to look at my legs while I was laying down,and said "oh yeah I see what your saying"as if he did not take this under considaration. He told me that what he could do is shave some of the implant down were my limp would be pretty much the same as it is now. Not knowing much about this type of surgery,and not doing any reserch myself,I said ok, because I don't need a bigger limp then I already have, and he agreed,saying I will be ok.

Two weeks later I went in to have the stitces removed,I told my doctor that my leg did not feel right that if felt much longer. He then told me that he did not do what he said he was going to do ,because he felt it was not necsseary,and that I should not worry because once I can stand stright up I will see that it will be ok.

One mounth later there was clearly a big discrepancy in my leg length.I returned to my doctor and told him that if I stand stright up my right foot comes off the floor. He has denyed saying what he was going to do in surgery. and told me I would need a shoe lift and he recommended a place for me to go. I Should have did resurch on the doctor,because now I wonder if there are doctor's who know how to deal with people who already have a limp and need this type of surgery.

Two days ago I was laying down and all of a sudden the symtons  I had before I had my surgery came back. I was not able to stand stand without feeling server pain. I had the same problem like trying to put my sock on getting out of bed and trying to walk,because I can't support myself with my right leg.I went to the emergency room,x-rays showed nothing and the ultra sound showed no blood clots. I will be getting a MRI in  a coulple of days ,but I will not be seeing the same doctor because I no longer trust him.

I'm looking for answers so if anyone has experence something like this after a year from surgery can you please share some insight on this matter.....thank you.