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So my boyfriend & I had unprotected sex last night for literally 12 seconds and he pulled out because he felt scared. Well when he pulled out he came some(usually doesn't happen that early). I'm nervous that he came some inside of me even though he said he didn't. I'm nervous I could get pregnant! I'm fertile and my period should be coming around July the eleventh. Please help?


ANYTIME you have unprotected sex you run the risk of getting pregnant, especially when it's your fertile time.  That means conditions are right or 'ripe' in your cervix with your egg awaiting the sperm to impregnate it.  Only time will tell, you will have to wait until your next period is due to take a test to truly see if you are indeed pregnant anything sooner will give you a negative.  Invest in some condoms and/or birth control for the future to prevent this from happening again or lucky you, if you are pregnant than you won't need any contraceptives for a whole 9 months as you are already pregnant and can't get pregnant again.