This morning I was woken up by chest tightness and discomfort. I was laying in bed and it almost felt like it was coming in waves. I got up went downstairs and sitting upright the pain seems to have ebbed away a little bit. The day before I had a little bite to eat and did an hour Zumba class, then went to work. While I was at work I started having some mild chest discomfort and pain. By the end of my shift I started to feel nauseas. I must have felt sick to my stomach from 9pm to 2am before it finally started to go away. Then right as I was about to lay down the sick feeling came back, nevertheless I must have fallen right asleep. I'll admit I didn't eat a whole lot yesterday, and the zumba class I went to was the first real exercise I've done in a while; but I have had days like that before and never had this come of it. I did take two generic exedrine last evening because I had a mild tension type of headache it wasn't until after 6 or 7 pm that day that I started to feel sick. I don't feel sick at the moment but the feeling of discomfort is still there right behind my lower rib cage right under my sternum. Its been intermittent and sometimes the discomfort starts to radiate directly on the opposite side on my back.