I am a 16 year old female and on day 7 (surgery day being 1) after my tonsillectomy. I had mine cauterized out to make the chance of bleeding only 1%. I had no choice, as I am at risk and being tested for lymphoma! I'd have to say, the first day was by far the easiest as they had me on tylenol 3's and phentynal. I have liquid morphine to take every 4 hours, and liquid children's tylenol to taken in between. I have already tried some solid food here and there (soft cookie, pizza pocket, hot dog) but it was painful. No one told me that my ears would be ten times worse than my throat! And the morphine makes me nauseous and vomit all the time, which is even more painful. But a few tips I recommend are ice packs! They saved my ears from when the meds started to wear off. Lots of fluids, and try eating as soon as possible! It will stretch out your tongue and will not hurt as much. Stick to a regular routine of the pain meds, even at night (so your throat doesn't get dry as well take a drink) and you won't wake up as in much pain! My pain is hardly bearable and I do not recommend this procedure to anyone! Best of luck!