I thought I would track my tonsillectomy recovery since I know that the information on here has been helpful in preparing me.

I had my tonsils removed today. So far, it isn't miserable and I am trying to remain positive. I have had water, gatorade, otter pops and some broth. I have been putting ice on my neck - 30 minutes on/30 off. I am taking oxycontin, tylenol, antibiotic and some nausea meds. I certainly needed to have my Mom here to help out since I have been pretty dizzy. I am trying to not talk much since that does hurt. I feel like I have "stuff" at the back of my throat as well. I will say, I think I would have been better with tylenol capsules and not the liquid form..it was thick.

I plan on taking some of the advice on here and sitting up tonight, drinking lots and taking my medicine on time. My goal is to track my recovery daily and share what works and doesn't for me. If anyone has any tips for moving forward...feel free to share!