Hi everyone,

I had been reading the posts on this site religiously before going in for my tonsillectomy four days ago, and I'm rather glad I did. While some of the horror stories DID frighten the heck out of me, I was usually able to see what those people had done and avoid doing it.

During my operation, I had a slight reaction to the anathesia which was immediately treated with Benedryl intraveneously and did not become a problem.

I woke up in recovery with a dry throat from the oxygen and a slight amount of pain--nothing more unbearable than a common sore throat however, and they gave me morphine to ease the pain completely. After spending about 4 to 5 hours in the recovery area to be sure there was no sign of bleeding, I was discharged.

For prescriptions, I was given Roxicet (liquid Percocet), 10ml every 4 hours as well as an antibiotic (Amoxicillin) and something for nausea (that can be caused by the narcotic pain killers).

The prescriptions have been my saving grace at keeping the pain away and manageable. My doctor advised that staying hydrated, as much as it might hurt, is the key to the recovery, and that seems to be absolutely true. The more water I'm able to drink the less pain I'm in an hour or so after I drink the water. Also, when the painkillers are at the height of their effectiveness, I use that time to drink as much as I can as well as eat anything--I've discovered Ensure shakes are FANTASTIC. The vanilla ones do not aggravate my throat and they help keep my stomach calm with the medication. The nurse also said that it is important to try to get as much nutrition into my system as possible, especially protein as that is what the body needs to heal. I also run a humidifier and sleep upright--I fell asleep with my mouth open once which dried out my throat and made it realllly painful! Also, icepacks (not too cold) around my neck also help immensely with the swelling and they also feel really nice too.

So in short, the more water and nutritents you can get in your system, the better. Remember, it might hurt to swallow water, but in the long run it will help immensely. And if you ARE experiencing a lot of pain, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR AGAIN! I told mine specifically that I did NOT want to be put on Tylenol with Codeine because it does NOTHING for me, so he put me on the liquid percocet and I couldn't be happier.

So far on day four, as long as I keep up with the water and stay consistent with my medication, the pain is totally and completely bearable. I'm just raelllly tired all the time...

I'll post an update later on in my recovery! But if you're worried about having this done, don't! You can control how well your recovery goes, and if it's not going well you can always do something to fix it!