I am 43 and had a tonsillectomy 3 days ago. Wow, what a painful experience! Some of what helped me was the following. 1. Staying on top of the medication intake . Don't let to much time go in between taking your meds. The pain will catch up to you! 2. Always eat something when taking your meds. I have a sensitive stomach so I ate something 20 minutes before taking my meds. 3.foods.... Applesauce over graham crackers was awesome. It's a little heavy, but cool to the throat. It helped to keep my tummy from getting upset when taking the medication. I also cooked 1 scrambled egg and small portions of a baked potato. I ate that when it cooled down. Ramen noodles were good and easy to swallow. 4. Non stop ice water intake! This helps with internal throat swelling. Ice packs on the outside helped with external swelling. Sometimes drinking cold water and holding it in my throat was soothing as well. I would have to self treat for 20 minutes before feeling any relief from feeling like I was choking. 5. Chewing gum helped keep the tongue and jaw mobile! The first few times are hard, but it really does give you the ability to prevent stiffness in the neck, jaw or tongue! 6. Self massage. I took a little bit of prayer oil, rubbed it under my throat, over my shoulders, and head. I recommend doing this as this helped alot with tension! I hope this helps someone who has had a tonsillectomy. I am on day 4 of recovery and feel great!