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I am 72 years old and have pterygia on both eyes. I have frequent dry eyes and irritations and use refresh lubricant. My eye doctor says I don't have to do any surgery even though the pterygula are big. Can you give me any other advice.




Hi! Pteriguium is a medical situation where you have to see if the symptoms outweigh the potential risks of a surgery. Not surgical treatment includes:  lubricating drops or ointments and protection against UV (sun glasses). The surgery can be indicated though also for cosmetic reasons. But normally is indicated due to persistent discomfort or when it interferes with vision. Be aware that  surgical risks are: infection, corneal scarring, thinning of the cornea. Doing for cosmetic reasons is a personal choice and if you want really to do it you can always ask for a second opinion. In your case because you report frequent irritations maybe is the case of looking for a second opinion or insisting with your eye doctor.