My girlfriend is having problems when urinating, she urinates small amounts of urine and there is blood as well she is urinating to. At first we thought she may be pregnant, bleeding & frequent urination being 2 of the symptons of pregnancy, but after reading through this forums im starting to think it could be a possible Urine Tract Infection, not sure why I didnt think of this since I was at uni for two and half years training to be a nurse lol

She also has a high temperature and is shiving and feeling cold etc which im pretty sure is not really part of pregnancy symptons.
She says shes not having the craving for food sympton, or her breasts becoming tender or swollen and not having any morning sickness. So im assuming its more of the UTI scenerio, although Im not going to rule out she might be pregnant so ill be popping to boots to get soem pregnancy tests, also told her to go to her local GP surgery as soon as.

What do you people think?