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I am 15 years old going on 16 in a little over a week, and my left testicle causes me alot of pain twice daily for the past few days, it is slightly swollen and feels like something is wrapped around it. I am a little worried as this has never happened before. I have numerous symptoms of tesicle torsion. I need a second stand point as I am too embarassed to talk to my parents about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



This might be something serious, and it might not be, but the best course of action is to go get checked out by a doctor asap, just in case. Your parents will understand if you go to them with this problem, they are people with sexual organs just like everyone else, and I'm sure they've had to visit the doctors for similar things many times in their lives. If you still aren't up for it you should go see your family doctor or visit a clinic on your own, as soon as you can.

Good luck,