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Hello all.

I am a 21 year old male who is experiencing discomfort mainly in the testes.

Recently, as of Wednesday/Thursday of last week (September 18 ) I noticed a slight ache in my testicle near the top where the epididymus is.

I informed my mother of the issue and she went to set me a doctor's appointment, but he told her I should go to the emergency room for a more in depth evaluation.

So today while there I was given a physical exam where the doctor put pressure on certain areas around my groin and scrotum and checked for abnormalities. He said everything came back fine and nothing really hurt when he pressed.

My urine was tested for a bladder infection and a urinary tract infection which both came back negative.

I was also given an ultrasound of my scrotum that ruled out any abnormal lumps, torsion or epididimytus.

They did not give me any antibiotics and told me to make a follow up appointment with my physician, especially if the pain increases or does not go away.

The pain is still there, feeling like it is at the top of my testicle and extending slightly into my bladder. Also, since earlier at the hospital, my left kidney and lower back is aching slightly and my inner right thigh to my knee has an ache to it as well.

I was worried about prostatitus, but I think I'm a little young and I do not have a fever or pain between my rectum and scrotum.

Any possible ideas?


Oh yeah, and appendicitus (sp?) and a hernia were ruled out as well.

I'm just nervous because if no answers were provided today and the pain doesn't go away, I don't see where we begin again.


Hello all.

Well, it seems that no one really has any answers or suggestions for me on this board, but I will continue to update this thread with my medical experiences to help others. This thread kind of goes in conjunction with the other big thread about similar issues that I discovered after making it.
I hope to help out others.

As of right now, my symptoms are as follows:

    Slight pain in my left testicle and I think epididymus. The other day I noticed my left epididymus and connected cord seemed thicker and lumpier than my right and still is.

    I have no noticeable lumps on my testicles.

    I have some minor lower back pain, just like I slept on it wrong or was in an awkward position for an extended period of time.

    My inner thighs near my groin ache like I stretched wrong.

    Some random annoying pain in my left hip and kidney area.

    Sometimes I'll feel a very quick pulsing sensation in the shaft of my penis, but then it will fade.

    Minor discomfort in my bladder.

    No frequent urination, burning sensation when urinating, or painful urination.

    No painful erections or ejaculations.

    No pain in my perenium.

    No nausea, dizziness or vomiting.

    No loss of appetite or weakness.

    Sometimes my scrotum feels like it falls asleep, but will feel normal again a minute or so later.

I had a follow up appointment with my family physician (the one who suggested I go to the emergency room first) on Wednesday, October 8.

I told him of my symptoms and explained they could not be STD caused and that I have no significant hernia symptoms like a lump.

He thought my numbness feeling in my scrotum was odd and the leg aching.

I told him about how the doctors at the emergency room said I did not have epididymitus, but he said they could have overlooked it. He gave me a physical exam and pressed on my left side where it was uncomfortable.

He prescribed me a 10-day cycle of Doxycycline and Nabroprufen. I am due back there on the 15 to see if my symptoms have subsided.

As of right now, they feel a little better. I'm feeling a little discouraged, but I have only taken 2.5 days worth. So, we will see.

If my symptoms do not subside, he said he is going to take a look at my back and stomach for things like kidney stones. Bloodwork will also be done, thank God, because I've been worrying myself sick about testicular cancer and I have no idea why they have not done bloodwork from the getgo.

Let's just hope my symptoms disappear soon.

Updates in the next week...

Take care.


Hello everyone.

I apologize for lack of updating, but I've been busy with school and stressed as usual.

So, the Doxycycline didn't appear to do much work. I explained this to my doctor who then said he's going to run me through a mill of prescriptions to see what may work. He also decided that it would be best to undergo an abdominal/pelvis CAT scan and get an MRI on my back. He also finally decided on bloodwork.

He also prescribed me Ciprofloxacin, 500 mg, which I have been taking. My testicular symptoms seem to have subsided along with the lower left abdomen pain. Although, these symptoms seem to have subsided in the transition. I am still experiencing some slight lower back pain and minor aches in my flanks and sides below my ribs where the body curves in.

I start freaking myself out, like when I became constipated due to my antibiotics I believe, which has since went away. I also fell on my back while juggling a soccer ball the other day and I think that has caused pain in my upper back. Along with anxiety, I think may be causing slight chest pain.

Either way, I got blood drawn today and another urine test done. I also underwent the CAT scan on my abdomen and pelvis. These are the first times I've ever had blood drawn or an IV put in, which was an experience, but not traumatic. They couldn't get the catheter in my arm through the IV on my left so they had to retry on my right which worked. I didn't really feel the dye going in and had a slight tasting sensation of it when I exhaled once. The barium solution I had to drink two hours before was wretched, however.

The MRI was easy, they didn't even have to keep the IV in. It was loud, but nothing unbarable.

I have another doctor's appointment Thursday of this week at 9:45 in the morning. I'm hoping he'll have the test results back of all the work. Pray that it's nothing serious.

I'll update again.

Best of luck to everyone.



Please keep updating your posts when you can. I think I am going through a very similar situation. Mine started with a urinary tract infection though, but that was well over 2 months ago and I do not have that infection any more. I have been through cipro and doxycycline myself. It is rough for me because I do not have health insurance right now, so your story is important to me. Your symptoms sound very close to what I am enduring, mostly a light ache in the groin area. It has its better days and worse days. If my doctors come across anything I will of course let you know, but I think you have the upper hand as of right now.



Hello everyone,

I apologize for such a late update. I've been really busy with schoolwork, work and other things.

BUT, the good news is that ALL my test results came back perfect. The doctor told me I was a "perfectly healthy specimen" which came as a shock to me.

The odd part about the whole situation is that shortly after that everything just subsided? I'm honestly wondering if it was just stress or something?

bhoffman, I would definitely get things looked at a little bit more... depending on what you've had done. It could be a varicocele, an enlarged varicose vein that is located on both cords to your testes. The left one is more common, and it takes blood away from your testes. The doctor was almost sure I had one... and I may still have one, but the pain comes and goes. There's surgeries you can have to remove them.

I guess feel the cords leading to your testes. They start at the top of your scrotum... do it after or during a shower, whenever your scrotum is loose and fully relaxed.

I'm very thankful that nothing serious is going on. bhoffman and others, I wish you the best of luck.


I'm experiencing the same symptoms. It is non-bacterial prostatitis. It can be very mild. You don't have to be old it can affect any male, i'm 21.


I have same symptoms. It sounds too simple to imagine but I think the problem is pressure on the test, probably from underwear or pants being too tight. I usually wear boxers but got some briefs recently and that's when the trouble started. It is also possible to put pressure on the test by sitting forward and your pants stretch tight over it and cause pain after a while.
I hope that helps. Good luck to you.


CRM814: a quick note to say hope things are all good and to thank you for continuing your posts. Very helpful (and good for the nerves also).


Hi There, I have aching pains in my testicles, sometimes in my groin, and lower stomach, i think i have a similar thing to CRM814, please CMR814 can u reply as your info has been great help. Thanks. Dave
ps: im 15 years old


What a great find. I too am having similiar problems. I haven't been checked out properly yet, but I do think it is to do with wearing tight boxers or jeans. I usually wear skinny jeans, and even though my boxers have a pouch the jeans are tight and constricting. As I've worn skinny jeans for a few years and for length periods of time I think this may be what has caused my discomfort.

I intend to get my check up and will report back when I know more. These were my symptoms :

*Aching Testes
*Lower back/Butt ache (hard to describe but very uncomfortable)
*Itchy Urethra


I'm 20 years old and I've been having slight testicular pain the past two days. Im wondering if I'm going through what you are. Hope all is well. Please keep us updated, reading this soothed me.


Hey everyone.

I actually just received an e-mail for the first time since posting this thread. I actually do have some updates that may help.

In February of this year, 2010, some of my same symptoms back in fall of 2008 came back. I knew something was up, so I didn't hesitate to make an appointment. This time, however, I went to a urologist who happens to be my best friend's dad. I figured he would be able to help me out.

He gave me a phsyical exam on my testicles and he also gave me the dreaded prostate exam and a urine culture. Urine came back fine, but he says based on the physical that I most likely have reoccuring epididimytus and prostatitis. He says these things usually get infected together because it's all part of the same system.

He gave me a 10 day cycle of Levaquin and a painkiller called Dolobid. It didn't seem to work, so he prescribed me another round of Levaquin. It subsided after that, but it left me with some stomach pain and discomfort even three 5 months after the treatment.

So, naturally I made another appointment with my family physician and he thinks the painkiller Dolobid gave me an ulcer. But he is waiting to do further testing because I am off my parents' insurance due to take this past semester off. Kind of off topic, but if the stomach pain does not subside, maybe this was the cause all along of the problems?

Either way, my urologist said epididimytus and prostatitis come and go and people get them off and on. I haven't had any genital issues since February, just stomach issues. Hope this helped.



Hello every man going through this type of issue. I am 25 and I have been going through a very similar issue for almost six months at this point. I think what we all need to realize is that stress is the main issue. Looking things up on line can make your brain think in so many directions that your stress levels can sky rocket. I have been to the emergency room, doctor, urologyst, doctor, doctor, doctor. they have done many tests including blood tests, prostate exam, ultrasound, MRI, and Xrays. I was sick of hearing that nothing is wong with me so I decided to do some research on my own. I have read all over the internet and noticed that I was getting worse. It wasnt until I stopped stressing that it finally went away. I know it sounds to simple but stress can cause our brain to do weird things. our brain is so itamately connected with our organs and especially down in the pelvic region as most people know by the way that makes an orgasm feel so amazing. It is my opinion that you do things to implement pleanty of stress free exersises in your life as possible. Learn to meditate, listen to calming music, take a bubble bath with candles and read a good book, (I am fullly hetero-sexual and love everything about women so this doent make you gay). Watching only funny movies or shows and keeping a healthy diet of three square meals a day(include the five food groups we learned growing up). Think of happy things and stay proud to be happy in an everyday life. This can take some time to start working but it will work. If you are having pain and trouble then ask your doctor for a strong anti-depresent such as xanax or vallium. When taken you body will start to feel better within a half hour. take the perscription as needed but not for longer than a month as the withdrawl symptoms are rough and are likely to bring back your previous symptoms. In times today there are to many things that can stress us out without even knowing it. Having a deadline for work or school, not being prepared for something, rushing to get somewhere, going and going without doing a rlaxing activity. Our computers are a huge stressor. You need to stop looking up what could be wrong with you and thinking the worst because you are likely to cause yourself an issue that from stress developed into a physical regular reaction to everyday life that you will have to train your body to stop doing. The problem is that your body is exhibiting your fight or flight responce to often and developes this pain as a reaction to over using this responce which is meant to be used in only exteme circumstances. I will say it once more...With the technology of our phones and computers and televisions and the thoughts that are racing through our developing brain chemistry at a millions miles a minute we may not feels any stress in our minds but our body is telling us to calm down. Our minds are powerfull and the power of thought is quite amazing. I am in sales so going into meetings and meeting new people everyday is stressfull. I have had to train my mind to relax and stay relaxed. My symptoms have been gone for three months and I am continuing to feel better everyday. Even though I am feerfull that the symptoms might return I am confident that I have found the answer and overtime if I teach my body to stay calm and relaxed then it will eventuallly become part of my persona and react that way naturally. So for my parting advice I think you should just stop and think that we are in an age of faster living more productivity and experiencing more stress that our elders and parents can understand cause ten years ago things werent so advanced and there wasnt so many things to understand. Today we have technology at out figure tips and are doing things to further our education and advance in our careers. THESE CAN ALL STRESS YOU OUT. until you train your body to relax on a consistant basis you will never be fully relaxed. I hope this helps and I would appreciate any responces to what other may think.


hey friends; thought i'd jump in on the talk too.

crm is the bomb! thanks for all the updates and info. as it is, my right nut has ached for about 4 days despite semi-regular sexual activity and loose enough jeans (no undies). an old college buddy recommended i see the doc so i think i'm going to make an appointment if i can be seen today (it's already 4.30 and it's president's day so i doubt it). one thing i know it ISN'T is twisted with the other. apparently that's a "wake up screaming and crying unable to move let alone walk" pain which has happened to two of my friends.

i'll come back once i have an answer.