I went to the dentist 5 weeks ago and had a wisdom tooth extracted top right no big deal, however after 2 days my mouth started closing to only 11mm opening. Back and forth to the dentist over a couple days telling me not to worry. It's now been 6 weeks and my mouth still won't open.I have been on valium, steroids, anti-infammatories, antibiotics. with no help. I have had a CT scan and 2 different OPG's. I have also seen 2 different maxillofacial surgeons, am attending a TMJ physio specialist who with manipulation got it to open up to 21 mm but it keeps closing back to 11 mm,  have been to the doctor and dentist numerous times. Still no result in opening my mouth. I have been given  stretching exercises to do using tongue depressors. Thankfully I am in no pain but am so over it. Has anyone else had this condition lasting as long and what other measures have you taken? I am seeing an acupuncture specialist this week to see if he can help.  Desperate!!!!