Hi everyone! 3 months ago I noticed that my jaw kept popping whenever I would eat something or when I tried to move my mouth sideways. It was pretty annoying but I thought it would eventually stop. It didn't.About a week ago I started to feel pain in my jaw (right side) and my teeth (right side down). I waited a few days and finally went to the dentist and had a tooth filled ( he tought that was the problem). After the anesthesics wore off my jaw started to hurt again and this time I noticed I couldn't open my mouth wide. I went back to the dentist today and they took an x- ray only to find absolutely nothing! No dislocated jaw, nothing. The dentist said my problems might be caused by my wisdom teeth (they are about to come out) and prescribed me antibiotics and painkillers. I am really scared... :( I can barely eat and I can't even brush my teeth properly (the toothbrush doesn't fit in my mouth anymore)   My question is, can wisdom teeth cause something like this? It seems that my jaw is not dislocated or broken...What's wrong with me? 

Thanks for your help! :) Have a nice day!