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I have never had a cat before, but my band mates have 3 and i really enjoy playing with them.  I am 27 years old,  have had dogs my entire life, but never cats due to allergies in the family.  Anyway, I got a 3 month old kitten once I moved to a place that allows pets.  My kitten (Taj) normally wakes up SUPER early, most days he wakes me by walking to my face, then rubbing his cheek on my face, purring.  All good lovie stuff.  

But about 4 days ago around 7AM, I feel ole Taji walking on me, toward my face.  My eyes are closed, and I'm still half asleep,  so I assume, Taj is just doing his morning ritual. WRONG!  THE LIL b****r BIT MY EYE LID.  (closed) and not hard enough to break the skin. 

First 2 days it was uncomfortable but no marks.

Day 3 I start noticing swelling, but no discoloring

Day 4 it's really swollen,  pinkish, and painful.   I have a doctor appointment in 3 days, but if this can affect my sight... well should I call off work and go to the ER?  

Please help me with some knowledge,  I'm pretty worried.


Hi Andrew,

See your doctor now or get to the ER.  Cat scratch fever can result, it's a bacterial infection, and you don't want it to affect your eye.  Any animal bite needs to be treated but especially ones from young kittens.

Antibiotics are the treatment.

Do it now!