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When I try to slide the foreskin down to reveal my penis, I see somewhat like a greenish layer of filth which I try to get rid of. I can get rid of the filth in the head, but I can't get to any under because of the frenum, connecting the foreskin and penis. What should I do?

And what is that greenish layered filth? I'm really worried at the moment.

Thanks a lot for your help!


1st question, do you bathe every day? and also how old are you? If you have never cleaned - with just a rinse in the shower - underneath your foreskin you COULD have an infection! What I would suggest is for you to get a Qtip and dip it in some water and try and remove the infection that way! Also you will need to have the puss checked = just to make sure it is indeed an infection. And then go on antibiotics! NEVER pull the foreskin past the Frenum as this is like pulling your tongue back so far it tears your mouths frenum! If you can get rid of the dirt and keep the area clean, you might not really need to see a doctor, don't be too hard with it or forceful, and just keep it clean and you should be OK? Watch out for any smell - this will dEFINiTELY need to be seen to! Also it could be that you ahve a UTI! But see what you can do by yourself 1st OK? Good luck and health!