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First of all I once had sex where the girl went on top, and my frenulum broke, causing lots of pain and loss of blood.

Since then i have not had sex, and to be honest this has scared me away from sex! My foreskin is tight, but not that tight i cannot retract it when i'm erect, it goes back behind the glans, but doesn't go back easily, and doesn't stay back, and I'm guessing this makes them afraid if it's not staying back and gets forced back during sex, my frenulum will break again. When I'm erect and i push my foreskin back, the frenelum is tight and i'm scared to pull it back further... is this normal, and because its broken once i'm just worrying!

My glans is also sensitive, not very sensitive that I cant touch them, but when i'm erect and put my foreskin back... if i try masturbate like that its sensitive and its a weird feeling to me :S, but I have always masturbated with my foreskin forward so this could be the reason it doesn't feel normal to me, right?

And now I am soon to become sexually active again, and will more than likely happen next weekend. I'm sort of worrying that i'm going to have problems?

Any advice guys?


If you've had that much trouble with sex and your foreskin, I'd recommend going to see a doctor to discuss this before you attempt sex again.

Good luck.


Another thing you might do is use a condom next time. Durex makes flared condoms, which allow some movement of foreskin instead of being like a straight jacket. They are specially recommended for uncircumcised men. I bought some on line from

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, then later found them on the bottom shelf of the condom rack at my neighborhood Walgreen's. I think you would be very unlikely to tear your frenum again with this protection, and these condoms are both thin and strong, so you wouldn't be foregoing too much pleasure. Not worrying about damage will probably add to your pleasure. Good luck!