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hi, i'm very concerned...i'm only 18 years old and i haven't had sex yet but my boyfriend and i fool around with clothes on, ususally ending with him "finishing" on me, yet again when this happens he usually pushes me off so we don't have any accidents ie: it going through his pants and therefore going through questions are can i get pregnant if his cum gets through my pants? My other question is i am expecting my period any day now and i'm spotting or at least i think i am, it's brown/light red and i've been in intense pain up until this started to happen, my breats have been sore and i feel nausea...usually signs of my period yet it's more intense and it's very light, will i get my period or have i somehow managed to get pregnant because my boyfriend and i fool around?? someone please enlighten me, i'm very worried and i'm probably getting my period but just to be sure, does anyone have advice?



just wondering did you find out the problem?????