I am 17 yrs old and have always had an irregular period. I had unprotected sex in early May, but he did not "go off" during it (he pulled out... sorry if this is tmi). I got my period mid-May (after not having it all of April) and it continued for a whole month with no pain. I got it again in early July again with no pain. I don't have any signs of pregnancy.
My only symptom of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage is just the bleeding and clots. But I want to know... what is the likelihood of a pre-ejaculatory miscarriage or pre-ejaculatory ectopic pregnancy?
I know that pre-ejaculatory pregnancy itself isn't very likely, so how likely is it that its one of those for me? I'm not sure because I haven't had any signs of pregnancy at all (no breast tenderness, no morning sickness, etc.)
Please help.