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i think somethings wrong with me cuz my period isn't normal. like i don't always get it every month like your suppose to and it really hurts. and sometimes it lasts 5 days and sometimes i will get it for like 3 days and then it will go away for a day or two and then come back for a day or two. its so annoying and embarrassing because i will have like "accidents" cuz of it. i hate it. why is it like this? isn't it suppose to come every 28 days for 5 days? cuz mines not like that at all.

and like why do i leak sometimes? how can i fix that? and what can you do for the pain?

o and i have a question about tampons. well some of my friends talk about using them, but how old do you have to be to use them? i'm kind of nervous to, like does it hurt?

please help me!


i dont think anything is wrong as if you haven't had your period for long it wont always be exactly 28 days apart for 5 days. try using a stronger sanitary towel 'pad' to stop the leaking and i don't think you have too be any age specifically and they do not hurt but they may feel slightly strange if it is your first time god luck!