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I am a 23-year-old male of average build.

I have been suffering from tonsillitis ever since I was a kid. BUT it was only last October 2007 when I started having cases of tonsillitis that went on and off.

At first I just had rashes of unknown origin. I didn't think they were allergies, because I've never had them before. (BUT I can't discount them now.) Anyway, at one time I ate and drank something really SWEET, which triggered the tonsillitis. From then on, I was under attack of rashes and tonsillitis.

I've been put under Co-Amoxiclav, Natravox (both not good enough for me), Zalpen injections, and Dalacin C. Plus, other medications for allergies. I've also suffered GERD (acid reflux), because of these constant medication.

I've had lab tests done (on different periods from October 2007 up to today): CBC, ESR, ASO Titer, Throat Culture, Hepatitis, and even HIV. But all of them returned normal.

I can't figure what is exactly wrong with me. Doctors aren't very much convincing either. They look at the tonsils, and say it's normal, even if there are some small white spots/lines, which could be tonsillitis just waiting to erupt. BUT YES, there were also times when they had large patches of white pus, plus canker sores; inflamed tonsils. For this doctors would say it's tonsillitis. AND, there are also spots at the back of my throat, like follicles that are somewhat related to the lymph nodes (according to the doctor). One doctor (as I have been to 2 ENTs) did say it might be because of the allergies, which came out of nowhere. Food allergies? I'm not so sure. I have been careful with what I eat, and haven't even drank cold water for months now.

Now, I am seriously considering tonsillectomy, but I am also having doubts. If I had them removed, and allergies were causing those throat infections, what would happen to me? If there are no more tonsils, what would the allergy hit next?

I have also heard of people having throat infections, like mono, even after tonsillectomy. This makes me even more worried, since I am not exactly sure what is causing all these rashes (though not so bad anymore), and tonsillitis (which really makes me neglect my office work, file absences, etc.).

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you.


get them taken out !
the reason your ill is because your tonsills are over - loaded with infection
get rid of them get rid of every thing else
if whatever else it is doesn't go
It'll be much easier to treat.


Don't get a tonsilectomy ... The pain after for the healing process is much worse than that of just dealing with tonsillitis for a week. It hurts your teeth causing them to be sensitive , headaches, ear aches. And the swelling is horrid and you can barely sleep for a whole 3 hours at best if you're lucky... Everybody is different but I'm a 15 year old female and I'd MUCH rather have my tonsils still than to have to go through the pain of all the recovery. It's awful and so not worth getting... I'm post op day 7. And I WISH I had them still... Maybe after the full recovery it'll be worth it, but right now now. The process is long, annoying, painful and unnecessary .