I am having trouble breathing. Since August is when it started, and I just figured its allergies or something and it'll go away. The past five days have been really bad. It's constant and almost get in a panic. Thursday I went to a family clinic. They did chest x-rays and had me breathe into something to see what my oxygen level was(which it was 100%) Then I had to breath in and out of this other thing that showed I was below normal on my breathing capacity, or whatever. They gave me an inhaler to do in the office, even though they said it wasn't asthma. I have trouble getting the air in not out. They sent me home with a instruction sheet on hyperventilation syndrome, but I'm not hyperventilating. I called my psych. I have bipolar disorder, and he said to go to my M.D., he did'nt think it was from my meds. So I call Fri. to get an appt. and I have one for wed. (hope I can keep breathing until then haha). Anyway, does anyone have any Ideas or suggestions of what is going on here or what I can do to breath better until my appt.?
I have already done the paper bag breathing. I have taken xanax to see if it was anxiety. HELP PLEASE!!