I have had a bad cold and raw throat. I lost my voice today. I had pneumonia last January and used an inhaler. I just tried using this inhaler to help with my cold, and took two puffs. A half hour later my heart felt odd. I am pretty sure this has steroids in it or something. It says on it it is "PROAIR HFA (albuterol sulfate) " "CONTENTS: Each actuation delivers from the mouthpiece 90 mcg albuterol in propellent (HFA-134a) and ethanol." "DACO2A 11 2017" I am 13 years old, female, 5' 3 3/4 ", Average weight. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and I take 4 different meds a day (3 today (weekends)). Please leave a note if you need me to list them. Please help.