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Hello I need help finding out what's wrong with me or what medication to take for my frequent stomach aches. It started about a year or 2 ago; I was getting stomach aches from time to time. But now it has become more frequent almost everyday I feel nausea or discomfort in my stomach. Basically I feel bloated and full and also nauseous. I feel like the stomach ache usually starts in the afternoon or night. What I feel that could of started this is in high school I eat little. When I finished I started eating more and more often; one of the main reasons was because I wanted to gain weight. The change of eating patterns could have affected me? Another thing that could of started this is I got food poisoning while on vacation a couple years ago, and after that I also don't feel the same. I am a male, 20 years old and weight around 138 pound (I haven't gained much weight). I went to the doctors a while back but they said it was nothing. I don;t have insurance anymore, so I don't have the money to go again. This pain really affects me during my classes at college, I can't concentrate on the material. Can someone please help me figuring out what I have, and what is some possible medication I can take. Please and thank you.

Also, I burp a lot. Even after drinking water. I'm not sure if that's normal either?


I don't know why your doctors would say that is normal.  You actually may have a stomach ulcer.  They are most commenly caused by hpylori (or also if you take nsaids or ibruprofien ).  Your doctor could even just do a breath test or a blood test to see if you have it if you can't afford the endoscopy or other tests.  It could be a lot of things, but that could be one of the more common cuases.  Please aviod caffeine, choloate, spicy foods, fatty foods, and alchol, and nsaids, as these will make it worse.  You also should probabaly pick up some ppis (like omiprazol) and start taking those, keeping in mind they are much cheaper with a prescription.  This will reduce stomach acid.  the change in eating patterns i dont beilve could cause this.  you should research about places where seeing a doctor is reduced price for those with no income/ without insurance.