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Hi I suffered with several panic attacks last year 2005 and since august everything fine . Then oct noticed around period nauseous feeling during day hungry sensation .
Now this week I have the same feeling but have had the nausea twice in one night(once the previous night ) quite distressing as i'd just gone back to bed . I am due on this week and with an already sensative digestion system this added is awful .
thank you sue


Are you saying you’ve been experiencing all of these disturbances around your period?
I hope you don’t mind me asking how old you are!

It is quite possible you are experiencing some hormonal disturbances or imbalance.
In case you are approaching menopause, this may be just the case.

Have you visited any of the doctors to check your health or have you been fighting the symptoms on your own?

My father was going crazy when my mom was going through menopause and she had such bad time. However, being a typical male, my father couldn’t understand, which was even more disturbing. I was present all the time and I know how this may look like.