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:'( I have lupus and rheumitoid arthritis, for the last couple of weeks I have been suffering with a chronic urinary infection and I finally went to the hospital because of pain and no appetite. I am now being treated for UTI infection, However, I can't seem to hold anything down. I am drinking cranberry juice and taking parsely. I am weak and want to have appetite when I eat it gets bad at night. I am drinking water at least 8 glasses. what can help me get a appetite and relieve nausea and vomitting. It is very acidy when I vomitt.


this happened almost 2 months back around 27th May,2016
Me and my Parthner were making out and then suddenly I had a release of sperm inside my underwear itself than around 2-3 mins later I went to the washroom and cleaned my self with just water and handkerchief(not that properly) and threw the underwear and again wore my jeans than around 5-8 mins later I fingered my Parthner for the first time it was deep but only for 1 min maybe!!

Her period date is 9/10

She told that she got her period for the next month of June around 7-8th but was confused whether it was her period or just bleeding!

She even told that she got her next period around 9th in the month of July

But my concern is she feel tired all the days after all this happened and she has been experiencing pain in her lower stomach since last 8-10 days and today is 10th of August and she has not received her periods nor any symptoms :(

And according to me she was around last days of her fertile time when all this happened

IN SHORT-can she get pregnant by fingering around 6-9 mins after washing my hands with just water or maybe I had some sperm still left on my fingers? And can you tell me just to know what are the chances of pregnancy even if I had VERY LITTLE sperm not dreping just a drop!

Anyreply may be helpful