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I am 8 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with MSRA in Feb 2005. What risk does this pose to my unborn baby?


When I was lying in hospital, being in the 8th month of pregnancy, I used to spend time with a lady that used a nearby bed. One day, they just moved her to another room. I didn’t realize what was going on but a nurse explained to me later on that she was found a mrsa bacterium. They moved her just in case because I was about to give birth soon. Apparently, the risk wasn’t high for me but because the labor was approaching, and it might have involve medical procedures, they decided to move her just in case.

Anyway, I’ve known about this bacterium because my cousin had it quite a long time. Her last course of treatment was Vancomycin, which helped her get rid of the bacterium finally.

Have you been treated? I reckon you should talk to your doctor about the possible risks for your baby.