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My boyfriend came to visit me at college on Sept 26 - 28. On the 27th, he fingered me after momentarily touching himself. I, of course, thought nothing of it because, to my knowledge, sperm dies almost as soon as it leaves the body and requires a warm, moist environment to survive. And since we were fully clothed, his hand had to travel quite a distance before reaching me.

This past weekend I became violently ill and vomited seven times in a matter of eight hours. The rest of my weekend was spent lying in bed, not eating. I started to feel better this Monday, but am still randomly getting nauseous and am rather exhausted. I thought this was due to my terrible weekend in which I barely slept. (Stomach bug?) I called my mom today to complain, yet again, about my nausea and she goes, "Are you pregnant?" I quickly said "That's not possible" because I've never had sex. But once someone sticks that into your mind, you kind of can't get it out, y'know? So now all I keep thinking about is that. My period usually comes every 30 - 35 days, which means it should be due on the 13th (or a few days after).

So, do I just have a terrible stomach bug (that I'm still getting over) or am I pregnant? And it probably doesn't help that I'm completely stressed about my classes/exams right now.


I should probably add that he did not ejaculate. But I am not sure if there was any precum.