I posted on another part of this site, but I feel it also deals with GI, so here it goes:

Friday evening, I suddenly became very very nauseous. Starting at about 4 am Saturday morning, I began vomiting. Over the next eight hours, I vomited seven times. The last two times were mostly dry heaves but some stuff did come up. I called the advising nurse on campus (since the health center was not open on Saturdays) and she thought I could possibly have an ulcer because the colour of my vomit was rather dark. I thought the colour was due to food/drink, so I thought nothing of it. I followed her directions and drank a sip of Gatorade every five minutes (if I was thirsty). I had stopped vomiting by noon on Saturday, but felt terrible and nauseous all day. I was extremely tired and slept all day Sunday. On Monday I was feeling loads better, but still very very tired. I will randomly get nauseous and have still not been able to eat what I normally do. It's only been a few days, but it's quite annoying and I was wondering if I'm still getting over a really bad bug or if it's something else?

I'm an 18 year old female. I take Zrytec and Rhinocort every day for allergies. And my daily vitamin plus a vitamin c caplet to boost my immune system. And no personal history of ulcers.

(I have posted on the pregnancy part of the site, but doubt that could be it considering you need to have intercourse to be pregnant. But since my boyfriend did 'finger me after momentarily touching himself,' I am looking into that as well. Mostly because my mom joked around about how my nausea and exhaustion sound like pregnancy symptoms. Thanks, mom, heh)