When my mother found out I have scoliosis (in the shape of an S If you look from the front) she made me do exercises for it (like crutches and exercises on my back) at first it dint hurt or anything, but then a couple of days later i started to feel a tiny (barely any) pain near my tailbone, like, right at the bottom of my "round" bone part of the tailbone. I ignored it, but then we had to get a brace for my scoliosis and i think my "pain" got worse. After about a half a year later (we started exercise at summer and then school ended) my "pain" got worse and worse. Now, instead of just "pain" theres also a bump and swelling when it hurts. The pain is "stabby and dull". The "tailbone pain" doesnt hurt during the day and when im walking or being active. But then I go to sleep, and almost every night i wake up at 2:30-50 AM and stay awake until 4:00 or around that time. My mom bought me different antibiotics like heat/cool cream, and "Tiger Balm" a pain antibiotic, it worked at first but now it doesn't help much. By the way I am NOT pregnant and im only 14 years old. But I've researched "Sciatic Nerve Pain" and it seemed that thats what I had, but overall I don't know what the pain is. But it hurts ALOT. Also sitting gives me relief and hot showers.