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A couple months ago i went ice skating when i woke up the next morning the rt side of my face and mouth was swollen with neck pain
it kept escalting up my head. I was treated for shingles-no change, then treated w/ steriods-still severe head pain, then tried gabapentin-no change.
eventually all symptoms were gone except neck pain/stiffness & numbness in lips an x-ray shows curvature in neck & arthritis after being treated w/some nsaids it was feeling better so I went for a short run the other night (3 months have passed)it was very cold and my ears hurt now all the original symptoms are reappearing I have a tingling headache & neck pain.....ANY IDEAS ON WHAT THIS IS????


It sounds like it would be best to go to your doctor again and see what is happening. It is absolutely unbelievable that you were experiencing that large amount of pain for almost three months. And first time you did something similar all the symptoms came back. I think that they weren’t healed and that your doctor didn’t do enough tests.

It would be wise to seek another opinion. My sister was changing the doctors all the time because she couldn’t find the right one or better say the one who was willing to do what ever it takes to make her feel better again.

It has been a while since you have posted this so maybe you have resolved your problems by now and you know what was causing that pain?