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My daughter has been experiencing headaches daily for a few years now. She recently has had some massage/chiropractic work done. Was told she has huge tight stress knot in rt back side of neck. Makes her tongue tingle when this happens. Was told by massage expert she would benefit from more of a deep tissue massage to run it out.  What do you think?? It scares me as she's only 19 yrs old.



Knots in your neck can really hurt.  I've had these problems from time to time and have been unable to turn my head at all.  In my case these knots and muscle tensions came from sleeping improperly.  I get into a position with one of my arms under a pillow and my head and neck bent at such a bad angle that when I would wake up in the morning I was in serious pain.  I had to change the way I was sleeping,  I started sleeping on my back without any pillows at first so that my head and back were level with each other.  This helped a lot.  In the meantime, I used a heating pad to relax my neck and shoulder muscles to get the knots out.  Now, I'm okay so long as I sleep in a reasonable position.  Deep massage can certainly work for you daughter but you have to consider what is causing it.  You need to figure out what is causing it to get rid of it all together.  Anyway, I suggest you see how your daughter is sleeping and that might just be your solution.