Hi. I am 36 M and had this issue for a year and a half. It's very strange lumps only appear above my collarbone when I lift my arms out horizontal or I like pull both shoulders back. It's like I can make the lumps appear. They are soft and squishy the right is a little larger than the left but like the size of a small lemon. Dr. wasn't worried but scheduled a CT scan and blood test and showed nothing abnormal or enlarged lymph nodes. I constantly think the Dr's looked at the wrong scan bc I can't understand how its nothing, especially since I researched "swelling above collarbone" and saw the results. Does anyone else have this issue when raising arms horizontally or like hunching shoulders back, but not when arms are down??? No other symptoms but now google has me finding things that I think are bad but probably normal...like a little lump under my left jawline that's hard when i tilt my head to the right. Very worried about what could cause this, could stress or alcohol be involved? Anyone have anything like this...hearing from anyone would be appreciated.