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I had a Left supraclavicular lymphnode enlargement in 2009. Ultrasound shows matted lymphnodes, biggest one is 3 x 1cm. Done biopsy and the result was Chronic Granulomatous Lymphadenitis that is Lymphnode Tuberculosis. I was very happy as normal result.

Before the result , in the internet i couldn't see anywhere about the TB or i was concentrated in Lymphoma only. It was very difficult time. I would think madly that all symptoms of lymphoma i have.

I would like to say you only that dont get panic through the internet information. Concentrate in good topics. All enlarged L.N above collarbone are not cancer. Some are, of course, but not all. Consult your doctor first . A thorough check is essential. There are so many scary stories out there.

Believe god performs miracles.

take care



Hello, soumisuku2001.... thank you for your information on Chronic Granulomatous Lymphadenitis, or Lymphnode Tuberculosis.  I am glad your results were treatable and you are able to get it taken care of.  I agree about the Internet... you have to be careful on what to believe and what not to believe. Many people can go into a panic from hearing stories that may not be applicable to them. Everyone is different and will have different experiences.  I think you should always hold out for hope and think positive.  It is better than getting worried over nothing.

Has anyone else had the diagnosis of Lymphnode Tuberculosis?