I have three hard, immobile lumps The first one is about an inch away from my neck and about two inches above my collarbone The second one is in the same spot but on the other side The third is on the back of my neck, about an inch below my hairline.

I found them about four years ago, I have been to many doctors who have all told me different things: "they are stress knots", "they are lymph nodes", and my personal favorite "I have no idea what those are."

Lately my skin above the lumps has become very itchy, and around the lumps gets very sore. I have had blood work done and everything is in normal range except my rheumatoid factor was 16 which my doctor said is a little high. I have had an ultrasound on them, I am just waiting for the results. In the meantime, I thought I would bring this to the internet and hope someone could possibly have answers for me. Both of my grandmothers have passed away from cancer (breast cancer and non Hodgkin's lymphoma) and my uncle currently is going through treatment for cancer as well. So, obviously I am concerned.