I am 58 and have Primary Lymphoedema. I have noticed two things that are different:
(1) A harder swelling below the collarbone, and
(2) Crackly breathing, mostly when I am sitting or lying down. Sometimes it has a whistling sound when lying down.

I guess I am wondering about cancer and heart.

(1) The harder swelling below the collarbone (found only a few days ago) is in the same area where it throbs and gets quite sore on and off on the left-hand side, where the lymph nodes swell in the arm, under the armpit, across the top of my chest just below the collar bone and above the breast. Although I'm talking about my left-hand-side at the moment, my right side is also affected from the Lymphoedema.

My left breast enlarged just before Christmas, almost overnight, and has remained bigger. It also throbs from time to time. I know my heart is slightly enlarged. I carry quite a bit of excess fluid. I had Xrays, scans, etc, but no cancer was found at the beginning of the year.

(2) I notice the crackling sound when breathing, when I am either sitting or lying down. Occasionally when lying down, I also hear a whistling sound. It was very loud this morning and my husband who has lost a lot of his hearing, heard it as well. I have noticed over the past few months that I also have this 'breathy' sensation in my chest, when breathing deeply (not all the time, just some of the time), and this can make me cough. When my husband does lymphatic drainage on me, pumping my chest, it also makes me cough.