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i have a very soft puffy area above my right collarbone. No pain, except in my right arm during over head extensions when i work out. it seems to be not as pronounced in the morning and the a little more throughout the day. i work on a computer all day and that is my arm i use with the mouse. i am super freaked out with anxiety and saw a nurse practioner that says it doesnt feel like a lymph node but would order a CT scan to make me feel better if i wanted. i am doing that tomorrow. No one seems real concerned but me and i am making myself sick thinking about this.


Hi cvd,

came across your posting by chance and I know an old post now.

I suffer the sam swelling, often both sides. Had scans, not glands but can get very puffy and worries me. Been going on for near two years now.

Just wondering if you found a medical reason for and if so please let me know.

All the best x