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Please dont gudge me.

ive had sex with guy number 1 with out a condom on for about six months,
and in one of those nights i had sex with a guy number 2 but he did not cum inside of me
but thrers still the factor of precum?

now im haven a baby what are the chances of it being guy number 2s baby?


Well, the chances are definitely lower, especially since you say he didn't ejaculate. Pregnancy is much more likely when a man ejaculates directly into the uterus versus precum which isn't ejaculated.

Despite the fact he didn't ejaculate, the chances of him being the father differ depending on when you had sex with guy number two. If it was around the time you ovulated and you didn't have sex with guy number one about the time, the chances are pretty high. If it was not around the time you ovulated, the chances decrease. Does that make sense?

Do you know when you ovulated? This generally happens two weeks away from when a woman has her period. For instance, in a general 28-day menstrual cycle, a woman will ovulate around day 14. Do you have a regular menstrual cycle? If so, track around 14 days before and that's usually the time you ovulate. Once in a while a woman ovulates during her period (can happen from an odd disruption of hormones), but that's rare. Just want you to keep that in mind.

In the end, there's no definite way to know whether or not guy number two is the father until after the baby is born and a paternity test is taken. I know that Walgreen's offers home paternity test kits in the same section of the home pregnancy tests. You can try using that.


not very likely


Im fourteen( 14 ] and i had sex two times with the same guy.
and he did cumm in me.

when will i know if im pregnant or not,?

please tell me symptoms or something.

cause have no idea and i want a baby but no this young..

so pray for me that i dont.

but please please please tell me.