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i am young and not sexually active, but i have missed 3 periods and i am worried. my pubic bone is easily felt from outside the skin and it is protruding. . . i have no idea what this means! does this happen when you are going through puberty or do i have an infection or some disorder?

please give all advice you can! thank you . . .

I have other symptoms that include lower and middle abdominal swelling after i eat and my stools are small and abnormal (different smell, change in color sometimes like dark or pale, and straining/ constipation), and my abdomen feels tender and i can hear bowel sounds (or i think that is what it is ),and i have ankle&foot swelling and pubic area swelling . . .

i know that those symptoms are true but i think some other things i have noticed are just because my brain is giving me the symptoms because i am worried like at times slight back pain or abdominal discomfort. My breasts seem sore and i think i am just noticing normal things because i expect something to be wrong like i got 2 cankersores the other day, but i realize that i used to get them before sometimes. the last thing i thought i should mention is redness around my body... face, chest, hands, feet!



Have you been to see a doctor yet? Are you the same poster who keeps asking that same question?

If you suspect a digestive problem, the type of doctor you would need to see is called a "Gastroenterologist". This type of doctor specializeds in those type of problems.

IBS-Irritible bowel disease causes this--Which is made worse by stress and worry

Crohns Disease-- ANOTHER bowel disease which has a symptom of mucous in the stool.

Inflammation of the bowel--Could be from an infection, blood tests and other tests are necessary.

YOU CANNOT treat conditions at home, you need to see a doctor and you need the correct diagnoses and teatment.

There is also a chance that NOTHING AT ALL is wrong with you.


Thank you for sharing that information. . . I just found your sight yesterday and was looking for anything that really described my situation, but I didn't find any of the answers I was looking for, so I posted one new topic. I hope this isn't a problem I was just wondering what I can do to get better.

I plan to visit a doctor ASAP, but right now I might not be able to go.
In the meantime, is there anything I can do to lessen these symptoms and just make me feel better. For example, are there any foods to avoid, do I just need to relax, and other things like that.. I am just curious of what I can do.

Also do you know any info about malabsorption? It seems to relate to this situation I am in.

And for the last thing, you said it is possible that nothing is wrong with me at all. Does that mean I have noticed these symptoms just because I have been worrying about it. I know I have been busy and stressed, but I didn't think that stress could make your abdomen swell (enough to look like you could be pregnant or something like that). maybe I am wrong, but I was just looking for some simple advice. Thank you again.


Stress makes IBS and other digestive problems worse..

IBS and other digestive diseases can cause malabsorption, but you cannot know if that is what you suffer from unless it is diagnosed.

The best thing to do is to watch your body, if you eat certian foods which cause problems, then you should avoid them. Fast food and junk food in general should be avoided.

Digestive problems are difficult in general, because it can be COUNTLESS things, and wihtout tests it is difficult to know.


Ok thank you.

I plan to relax and eat very healthy for a few days and see if I improve. I will be sure to watch my body and make sure that nothing serious seems to be happening. I will limit my stress and until I can visit a doctor I will be very watchful and careful with what I do. Hopefully I will get better. If I do not, I will make sure to see a doctor and find a diagnosis for my symptoms.

The only other thing that seems to be worrying me is the three periods that I have missed. Do you think this is just because of the stress of the last few weeks or can certain digestive problems mess with your menstrual cycle?

Thank you so much again. . .


u cant just eat healthy for a few days.... u l either eat healthy ur whole life or u wont eat healthy at all......if u eat healthy jsut for a while it wont help alot u need to do it with years