a teen girl who is not sexually active and i am afraid of a serious disease, infection, or disorder. I have been in some different environments lately and i have probably been pretty stressed out. I know stress can mess you up, but i think this is more.

I began my menstrual cycle in late june and i had my next period in late july, but i havent had one since. I havent been feeling good lately and i have noticed many symptoms. I havent had the opportunity to see a doctor so i am just looking for any advice that i can get.

here are my symptoms:
abdominal swelling after eating ( a lot! ), foul smelling small stools/ diarrhea/ constipation, stomach sounds, slight abdominal discomfort, emotional symptoms (irritability, nervous, anxious), swelling of hands, feet, and pubic area and around body, protruding pubic bone, redness/ bumps on skin, canker sores, right hip sore to touch, slight pain around rectal area and just a overall sick feeling.

i have noticed this for over a month and i am beginning to get very worried! i think i might have an infection, or even IBS or some digestive problem, but i have found out more information and i have mainly all the symptoms of malabsorption or celiac disease. please help! ! !

i am not sexually active, but i am still afraid of pregnancy just because i have noticed some of the pregnancy symptoms, but i realize that celiac disease has some symptoms of pregnancy ... thanks for any advice