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what is this and what can i do about it?

i have had some symptoms of malabsorption lately like bowel and digestive problems, rash, aches, constipation, genital area symptoms, foul smelling vaginal discharge, stress, emotional symptoms, sick-feeling, stool odor, abdominal swelling after eating, shortness of breath after exercise, no periods, cold-like symptoms, canker sores, and swelling.

malabsorption can cause many things, but symptoms make me think i might have celiac disease. . . does this sound right?

young and not sexually active... just curious if symptoms relate to this or is something else?

could an infection triggered the symptoms of malabsorption or a disorder like celiac disease?

is it normal to just suddenly notice different symptoms?what else should i know about malabsorption? please share all you know and thanks!


Hi, everyone,

I wanted to post my story in hope that I might help someone out there that might have food allergies that have caused depression and physical ailments.

My name is jenny, I’ve had ADD diagnosed with learning disabilities my whole life had teachers and family asking whats wrong (we know you're not stupid) ect. Since I was 5.

as a small child I’ve had undiagnosed IBS, insomnia, tantrums felt as though I was crazy from what I call circular thinking and compulsive thinking, my skin and legs, felt like it was crawling all the time.

After having my daughter at 22 i suffered and my symptoms got worse, constipation, IBS, depression.

I am a musician so I travel the world playing music, my 1st trip was to Shanghia china, I lived there for 1 year,13 years ago, from the moment I got off the plain, I had lost all sense of balance, and wobbled and fell over a lot, believing it was my ears I saw many Ent's, Dr's ,had an MRI, test to the gazoo, cost me a fortune, with no definitive results, Drs kept saying it's all in her head , they put me on antidepressants and i lived in my head for years just wanting to die, this whole time I kept working so as you could imagine i was depressed from feeling not Wright, panic attacks, so tired my poor daughter went without a lot of my attention for way too long, thankfully I’ve had the support of my poor long suffering husband to assist me, so this year at age 43 my husband said enough is enough, you need to get healthy, he asked me to give my much loved job as a singer which at first i thought my world had stopped, so with my time I’ve spent 11 months trying to treat my IBS symptoms with an elimination diet. First off dairy, for 6 weeks, nothing happened, then 6 weeks off wheat and gluten, oh my god! my IBS constipation, gone, I slept for the first time in my life, my restless legs , gone ,concentration problems, gone things started happening that I had never felt before, I woke up and could smell the sweet air and look out at the sunny day, my heart hasn’t stopped smiling, i have no depression, was able to go off all meds, I can read for hours, my family cant believe the changes in me, and neither can I, 11 months down the track I’m all of a sudden not falling over anymore, i don’t feel dizzy and I’m on the mend, now I’ve been told oh gee! you have celiac disease from food allergies and had it all my life, I have peripheral neuropathy from damage of undiagnosed celiac, and gluten ataxia, at 43 I get to start a new healthy life by just watching my diet, the reason I’m crapping on about this is, I’d love every one out there to know that we have to be aware of what we feed our kids, how we listen to our own body’s and go with you're "gut instincts," look at allergies? Let you're body do the talking, think about additives and preservatives, and I hope the medical profession and politicians can start to make the community more aware with advertising, any way from someone who found her own cure! Love to you all and remember there's always HOPE! .jenny.

PS don’t do as I did .Always get blood test first for gluten allergies or biopsy of small intestine (colonoscopy) before exploring a gluten free diet , cause once you stop wheat you cant be diagnosed unless on wheat diet, go to celiac dot com.

also some a web site with interesting facts!