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Hi all:)) Just now I registered in this site.

My aunt has got her both Kidney's failed  n not working. She is getting dialysed every week..:((

Wanted to know if the replacement of the kidney is possible and if possible, what would be cost for that (kidney cost + operation charges approximately)?

Please let me know if any good hospitals are available in INDIA, MALAYSIA for the treatment of it.




my name is mike i have strong pain both side (right and left) i went to the hospital for ultra sound.,the result show that i have kidney problems. i gate medical but steel i feel pain. i went another hospital, the doctor take   my urine and  blood for measurement , the result shown that i hvnt problem. but i feel server and strong pain . doctor please help me



Their main function of kidney  is to act like a filter and remove the excess fluid and waste from the blood. When they lose this ability, it leads to a build-up of fluids and waste in the body, which can be fatal. This condition is commonly known as kidney failure and requires a kidney transplant. 

Only one donated kidney is enough to replace two failed kidneys. Till the person finds a suitable donor, the patient is kept on dialysis. 

There are mainly two types of donation that a person can opt for; the first choice for most patients is to get a living donor kidney. In this case, it is usually one of the patient’s family members who donates a kidney. If a patient does not have a donor within the family, then they can opt for a cadaver donation .This means that the patient can receive a kidney from a person who is declared brain dead. For this kind of donation the person has to be on a transplant list. You should speak to your doctor, who will guide you about the procedures. Once a kidney is available a few tests are done to match the donor and recipient blood and tissue type, after which a transplant can be done. These tests are done to ascertain if the recipient’s body will accept the new kidney.